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The Government of Sri Lanka led by Sir John Kotalawala , Prime Minister, and Hon. A. Rathnayake, Minister of National affairs, sponsored  the task of translating the Pali tipitaka in to Sinhala on Wesak poyaday 1955 ( 2500 Buddha Jayanthiya) and a panel of emminent sangha scholars were appointed for this task. The entire collection of 57 books could be completed only in 1987.

This magnificient set of books were published by the Government Press and is the only authantic translation available to Sinhala readers.

The Panel of editorial board consist of

Most Venerable Welivitiye Soratha Maha Thero,

Most Ven Parawahera Vajiragnana Maha Thero

Most Ven Balangoda Ananda Maithriya Maha Thero

Most Ven Labugama Lankananda Maha Thero

Most Ven Kodagoda Gnanaloka Maha thero and Many otherProminent Sangha fathers. These Books were converted to Electronic versions of PDF by Kalyana Mitta Saminda Ranasinghe and hosted on his website 

This WordPress Blog was prepared for the convenience of public to find these books easily on the Internet Search Engines.






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